Pricing Info Page

Title Price Body
Meat Hog $250.00

(150 lbs or less with tusks 1.5 inches or shorter.)
A second meat hog by the same hunter is $175 each.

Trophy Hog $500.00

(Over 150 lbs up to 300 lbs with tusks longer 1.5 inches)

Extreme Trophy Hog $1,000.00

(Over 300 lbs with very large tusks)

Dog Hunt $350.00

Price is per person. 2 Person minimum.

Night Vision Hunts $325.00

Includes Meat Hog Hunt with Night Vision.

Trophy Hog + Meat Hog $675.00

Includes a trophy and meat hog hunt for 1 person only.

Two Meat Hogs $425.00

Includes two meat hog hunts for 1 person only.

Lodging $100.00

Price is per night per cabin. Each cabin sleeps up to 5 people.